Tips for contributors

The tweet

You’ve got the full 140 characters all to yourself don’t worry about hashtags or mentions, we’ll take care of that.

How it works:

  • We contact you the day before to remind you
  • It’s nice for us to get a tweet from you the day before to acknowledge that you’ve remembered and will be tweeting in the morning on your day. Some writers like to DM us first @3hundredand65 but that’s not mandatory. If you’re worried you might contravene any of the ‘What not to put in your tweet’ rules (see below) then DM us so we can advise you
  • Many writers put an introductory tweet up just before they put the story tweet live saying something like, “The next tweet is my contribution to the @3hundredand65 Story project @TeenageCancer” This sets your tweet up nicely for your followers and notifies us.

If we don’t receive your tweet by 6pm on the day you’ve booked then we will remove you from the project and bring in one of our Super Subs. This might sound harsh but we’ve got 366 days to think of not just yours. We’re sure it won’t come to that though.

A few tips on what to write:

Have fun and think of the story. Read it, perhaps not all the way through later in the year but then again why not? You’ll read more than this many tweets every day. We love twists, new characters and plot developments. We love quirky, weird, detail and description. We love conversation (if you can pull it off with other collaborators even better). We love change, flux, imagination, creativity and panache but what we love even more is writing that collaborates with what’s gone before and considers what might come next. Every writer’s address is shown on the site so you can mention-collaborate with them if they’re willing. The more sense it makes, the more readers can follow this story, the better. So maybe you can resolve plots or enhance comprehension. It all adds up to a great story.

What not to put in your tweets:

We don’t allow racist, homophobic, misogynistic or intolerant views of any kind. Please avoid swearing if possible. This is for the Teenage Cancer Trust and so all ages will be reading.

We don’t ban boring but devices such as Dallas style “It was all a dream” scenarios will ruin the project – we’ve already had one, which was fine and taught us a lot about process, but one’s enough. If you think things are getting too confusing or you really don’t like the tone of the story you’ve got two choices

  • Talk to us or to others. We’re absolutely certain once you’ve spent half an hour throwing things around then you’ll be ready to tweet.
  • Step down from the story (don’t worry we’ve got Super Subs waiting to fill your place).

We don’t go in for big ego blasts either. This really isn’t the place to make a name for yourself with a ‘look at me’ gesture, tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear destruction and little green aliens in large spaceships are the easiest plot changes to get wrong and the hardest to get right. So unless you think you can handle it wonderfully well for the story and for your fellow collaborators don’t bother, we won’t use it and reserve the right to use a Super Sub.

No name checks. No self promotion. No promotions for other causes no matter how worthy. No business promotions. If you want to sponsor the project get in touch and we’ll discuss putting your logo and business message on our site for a generous donation.

Please remember why we’re doing this – to raise awareness of the wonderful work Teenage Cancer Trust. They are helping young people and their families fight against cancer. We want support their efforts through donations and awareness. But mostly donations. Money is good.

Stuck or scared?

There are plenty of very nice, supportive people out there who are more than happy to spend a little time chatting to you about plot, characters and ideas. Many of them are ex contributors who have been through exactly what you’re going through now.

We’ll soon have a blog page in the site itself. There’s an official Facebook page where you’ll also find images not used on the story and there’s the unofficial ‘fan’ site Post your concerns on there and you’ll get all the help you need. Feel free to tell them to shut up too – they’re very enthusiastic!

Do I have to donate?

No. That’s up to you. Some writers have said they’ll make their main donation on the day they contribute which is a great idea and one we hope will become protocol but we’re not insisting on it. We understand that you don’t always have the time or the funds available to make a donation on your tweet day. We don’t check and we don’t judge.

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      We brought hundreds of people together. Working on the book of the project today.

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